I have TB!!!!!!

So It’s Official: I have TB. TB in the ear. I am apparently the second person in 20 years that my doctor has seen with this condition. (Help???!!!!!) Tuberculosis. Who would have thought. For those unaware: Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease usually caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs,… Continue reading I have TB!!!!!!


So Africans are the most underrepresented demographic in the top business schools in the world. Why is this so? Well for starters the cost. Paying for an international MBA from an African (Kenyan in my case) salary is tough. Very tough. Most African currencies are weaker than the US dollar so its just a dream… Continue reading Scholarships


So since I have bought and started going through: Foundations of GMAT Math Foundations of GMAT Verbal All GMAT Manhattan strategy guides. OG 2015 OG Quant review 2015 OG Verbal Review 2015 GMAT Prep tests. For us Africans, we have to ship the books. I used http://www.amazon.com. I found it cheaper to ship from the… Continue reading GMAT

A Kenyan’s journey to an international MBA

So why an international MBA. Well to start with it has been my dream to study abroad. All my friends with international MBAs have awesome jet setter jobs (read McKinsey, Vodafone.) I want that too and since these companies don’t recruit from local business schools………….International it is. Then there is the international aspect of it.… Continue reading A Kenyan’s journey to an international MBA